Anong Pake Mo sa Nude Pics ko? Lived Experiences of Individuals Posting Nude Materials in Social Media

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Dr. Michael De Vera
Niña Kathlyn P. Valmocena
Kerby Val L. Manansala

The phenomenological study focuses mainly on the lived experiences of individuals who post nude photographs in social media, and how engaging in this act affects their thoughts, emotions, and behavior. The participants for the study were selected through purposive and snowballing sampling technique and were chose based on the following criteria: male or female; young adults; practices posting nude photos in social media; have ten or more nude materials posted in social media; and have at least a thousand followers in their social media accounts. The researcher was able to gather data through a Focused Group Discussion with a total of seven (7) participants- 6 females and 1 male- who fit the chosen criteria. From the data gathered, the study found that individuals who post nude photographs in social media had personal experiences, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, also there is effect to the individuals in posting of nude photographs in social media include positive implications, adverse implications, and effects on their responses to criticism and compliments.

Clinical Psychology
Counseling Psychology
Social Psychology