Registration Guidelines

There are 4 steps in order to complete your online registration.

  • STEP 1: Build the list of participant/s

    This online registration can be used for multiple participants per transaction. For every participant entered, you must select the ticket type and a workshop (optional, with extra charges) with the required details and Add to List. If you are an active member (entitled to discounts), it is important that you enter your name accurately to avail the discounted rates. Call the PAP secretariat if you encounter problems with your membership status.  If you are finished adding participants to the list, you may Proceed to Checkout.


  • STEP 2: Enter billing details at checkout

    The system will copy the details of the first participant in your registration list and set it as the default billing information. You may change/override this.


  • STEP 3: Payment

    The system provides 2 payment gateways. PayPal must be selected if paying using credit card while Dragonpay must be selected if paying via different over-the-counter (OTC) methods.  If you choose Dragonpay, please take note of your reference number when making your payment.  


  • STEP 4: Download and print PDF

    Once your payment has been confirmed, the system will send a confirmation message to the billing Email address entered at checkout. The message will contain the registration details attached as a PDF file. You must print this and present it to claim your kit at the convention.


Note that incomplete registrations will expire in 1 hour of inactivity.

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