Poster Presentations

Day 1, September 14, 2016

Day 1 - 01

ACOPIO, John Ray (& Lucila Bance)

Personality Traits as Predictors of Facebook Use

Day 1 – 02

GANUB, Calvin Dave

Experiences & Coping Mechanisms of Separated Women in Bacolod City

Day 1 – 03

BANGALAN, Sherna Garcia              

The Relationship of Organizational Climate to Organizational Commitment of University Employees

Day 1 – 04

CANALETA, Levy Santos

Benguet State University Office of Student Services (An Application of Evidence-Based Design Process to help prevent compassion Fatigue)

Day 1 – 05

LAFORGA, Geleen Graciela

Understanding Compassion among Psychosocial Caregiversof Disaster Survivors

Day 1 – 06

ANDRADE, Kevin (et al)

Encountering & Countering Work Stress: A Multivariate Analysis of the Occupational Stress & Coping Mechanisms of Fastfood Restaurant Personnel in the Philippines

Day 1 – 07


Impact of Big Five Personality Factors to Teaching

Day 1 – 08

SIGLOS, Caressa Lynn A.

Goal Orientations, Socio-Emotional Learning Experiences, and Advocacy of Campus Journalists in Capiz

Day 1 – 09

CAYUBIT, Ryan Francis (et al)

The effects of mode of stimulus presentation and interference on operation span task performance

Day 1 – 10


Constructing and validating affective components scale of motivational goals in math

Day 1 – 11

ZABALA, Gail (et al)

Stepping out of the shadow: A multi-method study on Filipino stepfathers

Day 1 – 12

EVANGELISTA, Lucille (et al)

Length of time as predictor of accuracy of affective forecasting

Day 1 – 13

OCHOA, Josefina

The efficacy of multidisciplinary psychotherapy

Day 1 – 14

JOSON, Kathreen              

Psychological Distresses and Social Emotional Assets of the Female Survivors of Incest

Day 1 – 15

PACQUING, Criselda (et al)

Psychological capital as Mediator of Organizational citizenship behavior and quality of Work Life

Day 1 – 16

REYES, Marc Eric (et al)

“I choked her but I did not punch her”: Constructions of Doers of Intimate Partner Violence among Men in the Philippines

Day 1 – 17

TRINIDAD, Karen (et al)

Body esteem, basic psychological needs satisfaction and Motivation of women taking collective exercise classes in Quezon City: A self-determination theory perspective

Day 1 – 18

PILAPIL, Cecille (et al)

Self-esteem, resilience, and suicidal ideation of selected high school students in Kaunlaran High School

Day 1 – 19

RUIZ, Rosemond (& Pablo)              

Distinctive Personality Features of Graduating Seminarians

Day 1 – 20

ESCALONA, Odessa (et al)              

Influence of ethical orientation, Self-control and perceived opportunity on academic dishonesty

Day 1 – 21

PERUELO, Carla Marez

Grit, Time, Perspective, and Academic Achievement among College Freshmen

Day 1 – 22

LIMIKID, Teofilo

Unmarried Women and Their Houseparenting Experiences in A Private Residential Facility for CNSP (Children in need of Special Protection)

Day 1 – 23

HERNANDEZ, Angelbert

Wages & Compensations, Job Decision-Making Participation and Job Satisfaction of Filipino School Counselors

Day 1 – 24

ESPERAL, Marissa Cadao

Correlates of Academic Performance of College of Arts and Sciences Students

Day 1 – 25


The Lived Experiences of Pregnant Adolescent Students

Day 1 – 26

FRIGILLANO, Shirley & Ramil Lumauag

Factors that Influence College Students’ Perception of Premarital Sex Involvement

Day 1 – 27

DIAMLA, Apsary R.

Autonomy Support, Relatedness, and Internalized Homophobia in the Coming Out of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals

Day 1 - 28

NILLO, Lito M.

Relationship between Coping Functions and Subjective Well-Being among College Freshman Students


Day 2, September 15, 2016

Day 2 - 01

RAMIREZ, Normaliza C.

Personal Characteristics, Lived Experiences and Academic Environment of a Select Group of Board Topnotchers

Day 2 – 02

DE LEON, Jezamine Reyes

Predictors of Compassion Satisfaction and Compassion Fatigue among Police Officers

Day 2 – 03

ARGAO, Renz Christian C.

Coming Out while Staying In: Coming Out among Closeted Gays and Bisexuals

Day 2 – 04

GOMEZ, Xianthe Dianna (et al)

Effects of Voice Pitch, Biological Sex of Speaker, and their Interaction on Perceived Competence

Day 2 – 05

AMIHAN, Shielilo R.

Assessing Competency Gaps: Towards Continuous Improvement of the UPSHD-Calamba Psychology Program

Day 2 – 06

SIA, Leahlizbeth

Emotional labor: Its Influence on Employees’ Work and Personal Life in a Philippine Franchise Dining Industry Setting

Day 2 – 07

SOLIMAN, Benny S. (et al)

The Effect of Bibliotherapy on Depressive Symptoms of College Students

Day 2 – 08

ARUTA, John Jamir

Does power affect basic cognition in a collectivistic culture

Day 2 – 09

LUISTRO, Michael Joseph

Why students do not implement good advice in spite of the benefits

Day 2 – 10

BONOTAN, Amelia (& Licatan)

Competencies of guidance counselors of higher education institutions in touching, building or Re-building Lives: A Phenomenological Study

Day 2 – 11

DURANO, Jonash

The effects of logotherapy to student’s motivation and academic performance

Day 2 – 12

DE LEON, Monica Sophia

What does it take to forgive? Predictors of forgiveness among Filipino late adolescents

Day 2 – 13

SILAN, Miguel A. (& Pagaran)

“Your voice tastes like salted caramel”: The lived experiences                of synesthetes in the Philippines

Day 2 – 14

MARANDA, Alma (et al)

Narcissism and obsessive compulsive tendencies on social and interpersonal orientation of selfie takers

Day 2 – 15

MORGA, Anna (& Wellison Ty)

Self-compassion, well-being, and happiness among Philippine                employees

Day 2 – 16

MEJIA, Gerlie

Career maturity of Iligan City National Comprehensive High School

Day 2 – 17


Secure versus Insecure Love: Attachment Styles on Romantic Relationship of Young Adults

Day 2 – 18

ORIO, Terrezyl

Exploring the intrinsic indicators of individual resiliency

Day 2 – 19


Depression and Coping Mechanisms of Overseas Filipino Workers

Day 2 – 20

GEMAO, Janice (& Bance)

Internalizing Problems and Parental Temperament on the Academic Performance of Bullies and Victims

Day 2 – 21

MORES, Elmerando

Lived experience of College Teachers on Inclusion—Teaching Students  with Educational Needs

Day 2 – 22

TIGLAO, Ma. Kathleen (& Garong)

Personality Traits and academic performance of students in the alternative learning system (ALS)

Day 2 – 23

OCTAVIANO, Catherine (et al)

Organizational climate moderates the relationship between teaching stress and teachers’ wellbeing

Day 2 – 24


Trust as a Mediator of the relationship between workers perceived organizational support and commitment

Day 2 – 25

TUMAMBING, Shara (& Maranan)

Strengthening Counseling Skills of Classroom Teachers to Solve Student Problems

Day 2 – 26

FRANCISCO, Maja (et al)              

Investigating Psychological Capital and Job Stress among University Personnel in Aquinas University of Legazpi

Day 2 – 27


Intelligence and study orientation as predictors of academic performance: A basis for an Intervention Plan


Day 3, September 16, 2016

Day 3 - 01

NAVARES, Joan (et al)

Superiority development among Bullied Students

Day 3 – 02

De GUZMAN, Jaypee (et al)

Implicit Theories of Intelligence as Predictors of Achievement

Day 3 – 03

MARTICIO, Flor (et al)

Attachment as determinant of peer acceptance and academic attitude among OFW children

Day 3 – 04

CELLONA, Michelle

Temperament, Emotional Intelligence and Level of Stress among CIT University Administrative Personnel

Day 3 – 05

BAYONA, Jose Marie

Factors affecting Retention of Gen Y Employees in Bacolod City

Day 3 – 06

TAN, Jemima

A Model for Talent Management in the Philippines

Day 3 – 07

MENDEZ, Samantha

Sources and Predictors of Meaning in Life for Filipinos

Day 3 – 08

BADAL, Lea Faye (et al)

Teen’s Perspective on early romantic relationship and the extent of physical intimacy

Day 3 – 09


Adolescent Pregnancy, Sexual Behavior, Attitudes and Perceptions on School-based Pregnancy Prevention Services

Day 3 – 10

DIMAR, Eric (et al)

The Impact of the “great wall” on the psychological well-being of Chinese-Filipino males and females

Day 3 – 11

GONZAGA, Edmarie (et al)    

Fear of evaluation on social anxiety through emotion regulation and safety behavior

Day 3 – 12

GALLEMIT, I Marie Joy (et al)

Personal resource mediates parent-child relationship and mental health in left-behind children

Day 3 – 13

ARCILLA, Vanessa              

Parental criticism: A predictor of self-esteem

Day 3 – 14

RAMOS, Roann (et al)

Student attitudes and perceptions on Mobile Health: Results from FGDs

Day 3 – 15

GO-MONILLA, Ma. Joycelyn & A. Dy

Disaster preparedness in flood-prone areas in CAMANAVA, Bulacan, and Pampanga: Basis for Community-Based approaches to disaster mitigation

Day 3 – 16

MONTANIEL, Monina (et al)

Big Five Personality Factors and Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Subjective Wellbeing

Day 3 – 17

MASANGCAP, Juliet (et al)         

Role Stress and Work Engagement as Predictors of Job Satisfaction

Day 3 – 18

DIMARUCUT, Khristina (et al)

Prevalence and Psychological Impact of Cyberbullying among College Students

Day 3 – 19

RELLES, Sheila (et al)

Determinants of Psychological Well-Being among Selected Helping Professionals

Day 3 – 20

ATINAJA, Ma. Regina (et al)

The relationship between nutritional status and intelligence of medical students: A cross-sectional study

Day 3 – 21


Facebook Usage among selected college freshmen

Day 3 – 22

AQUINO, Regina

Influencing factors of adolescents' transitioning from residential care to life outside the institution

Day 3 – 23

LEDESMA Gian Carlo

Roadmaps and crossroads of life transitions: Career decisions on self-proclaimed gay secondary level students

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