Message from the PAP President

Date Published: 
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May 16, 2018


Dear Colleagues,


It is my pleasure to announce the creation of 2 new Special Interest Groups: 1) Psychology Practitioners in Public Service, and 2) Substance Use Prevention and Recovery. This makes 6 PAP SIGs, joining MHPSS, LGBT, Teaching Psych, and Sports & Exercise Psych (SEP). In addition to seeking certification in one of the PAP’s 7 specialty divisions, I urge you to identify with an SIG so that you may participate more intimately in the life of PAP through these groups.


Speaking of which, the Educational Psychology division is holding a two-day workshop this week (May 18-19) on “Advancing Skills in Thesis and Dissertation Mentoring” at UST and the Teaching Psychology SIG is holding the 1st National Psychology Teachers Congress on May 22-24 at ADMU. PAP’s 3rdProfessional Summit will be in Baguio on May 30-31 and the 4th will be in Cebu, July 19-20, 2018.


Looking forward, the Leadership Council (composed of heads of the divisions and SIGs) is organizing simultaneous PAPCE (PAP Continuing Education) activities in July: July 20-21 in Naga and July 27-28 in both Manila and Iloilo. Please stand by for the specifics. The LC is convened by the Interim Internal Relations Officer Dr. Glenn Glarino.


Kindly help me welcome Dr. Liane Alampay who is PJP Editor-in-Chief starting 2018. You may submit manuscripts for publication to her at PJPEditor [at]


Registration for the 55th PAP Convention is not yet open, even though it should have yesterday, as we are working hard to ensure that online registration goes smoothly. In addition, the post-convention workshops list is still being finalized. Please be patient. Convention chair Dr. Ron Resurreccion will be making an announcement on registration real soon.


Finally, PAP is hiring! The organization is expanding so fast, it needs more people to attend to your needs. Please check out the website for positions and eligibility.


Thank you for your continuing support and active involvement in the life of PAP. Please check out or for updates.




Margaret Helen U. Alvarez